Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV

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Hope lies in Ayurveda

The ayurvedic medicines for this disease are completely safe as well as the decrease in viral load provided by them is permanent in nature.According to ayurveda HIV is correlated with 'kshaya' or 'ojakshaya' meaning loss of energy. There are various kinds of Rasayanas that are completely save and give excellent results in HIV positive patients. These rasayanas give the following results in patients.
1) Improvement in CD4 count
2) Decrese in viral load
3) Improvement in quality of life
4) Many of the patients have very soon their viral load in the -ve range after the usage of these medicines with proper guidelines

Ordering For The Medicine Online

Majority of the patients prefer to order for the medicines online. The details of the patient required by us are obtained telephonically and through email and the medicines are dispatched through speed post/other reliable courier services to the patient.

Visiting The Center And Starting The Treatment

Since medicine works best once the patient has due faith on the doctor, some patients prefer to visit our Center before starting the treatment with us. Although there are no benefits in providing the treatment to the patient that can be obtained from the patient’s visit to our Center, still, we appreciate if the patient can visit the Center as it increases the faith of the patient in the doctor.


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