Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV

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A cure for HIV must either:

1) remove every single one of the infected cells (known as a sterilising cure or eradication)

2) control HIV effectively by keeping the virus dormant, after the discontinuation of treatment (known as a functional cure).

Triple Mode of Action of our Medicines:

Our combination of medicine contains various active herbal ingredients which have the following effects on the body:

a) Anti Viral effect: The medicines act as antiviral agents and attack the virus killing it.

b) Immunomodulator effect: The medicines modulate the immune system making it much more potent so that it can attack the virus and kill it.

c) Habitat destruction drugs: The medicines make the media i.e. the conditions of the body unfit and non suitable for the division and survival of the virus so that any virus remaining after the first two attacks is unable to survive in the body and is killed.

Even in the advanced stage of disease we are able to give good results to our patients. So, we are much more hopeful that can treat your H.I.V. disease to the desirable extent enabling you to lead a disease free, healthy life.

We offer customized formulations and medicines after analysing the body constitution, dominant dosha and vitiated dosha of a person. Different medicines are offered for HIV/AIDS patients including prophylactic treatment to stop profession of HIV to AIDS. Among list of medicines, some of our patented products containing blend of many anti-viral, immune modulator and habitat destruction drugs are : Nirogamz Immuno, Nirogam AVD and Nirogam Dt. These formulations have antioxidant, anti-microbes and immune modulator properties that improve health and fight dangerous diseases. These tablets are 100% pure and natural. They are very effective, free from chemicals or any adverse side effects. Besides, these boost immunity, act as anti-pyretic, anti-arthritis, digestive, anti-inflammatory, anticancerous, blood purifier.

The above formulations balances tri-dosha. Helps to improve intestinal flora and is good antibacterial for those chronically weak or ill. They purify the blood and warms and stimulates the formation of new blood tissue. These helps in digestion of protein as well as promotes proper metabolism in the body, correcting both excess and deficiencies. Our herbal formulation builds internal strength and ojas. Triphala becomes an ally in the treatment of digestive imbalance occurring form the virus as well as the pharmaceuticals employed to treat HIV. The individual’s ability to digest and absorb foods properly increases when the doshas are brought into balance and removed when in excess from their sites of origin. These formulations alongwith other tonics and mineral compounds become strong ally in the treatment of individuals with HIV in maintain tissue strength and tone and helps bring balance into Vata dosha. These inhibits aging, rejuvenates depleted bodies, increases all dhatus and builds ojas.

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