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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus which attacks the white blood cells (called T-cells, also known as CD4 Cell and T-helper cells). These CD4 cells co-ordinate the immune system to fight disease. Invasion of T-cells by HIV, destroys CD4 cells, making body defenseless , altering the immune system and making people more vulberable to infections and diseases. This susceptibility worsens as the virus proliferates and give rise to a medical condition - AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficincy Sydnrome) in advanced stages of HIV infection. However, it is possible to be infected with HIV without developing AIDS. Without treatment, the HIV infection is allowed to progress and eventually it will develop into AIDS in the vast majority of cases.

HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person (semen and vaginal fluids, blood and breast milk). The virus is passed from one person to another through blood-to-blood and sexual contact (Semen and Vaginal fluids). In addition, infected pregnant women can pass HIV to their babies during pregnancy, delivering the baby during childbirth, and through breast feeding.

HIV can be transmitted in many ways, such as vaginal, oral sex, anal sex, blood transfusion, and contaminated hypodermic needles. The development of numerous opportunistic infections in an AIDS patient can ultimately lead to death. There are numerous tools to prevent HIV such as limiting sexual partners, never sharing needles and using condoms consistently and correctly. HIV testing can identify infection in the early stages. This allows the patient to use prophylactic (preventive) drugs which will slow the rate at which the virus replicates, delaying the onset of AIDS. Till date, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS in mainstream medicines.

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Mirnal | Jaipur

i am Mirnal, 29 years. I am initially 6 months back i was experiencing weakness, giddiness, shivering of hands and stomach upset. For which i consulted a general physician and took medicine, but it was not getting relieved and complains were increasing along with intermittent fever and as per the suggestion of the physician. I got tested for hiv and it was detected positive and even after meducation i was not getting alrite and later through internet. I got to know about ND CARE and started my treatment and from past 5 months i am under medication have improved a lot. Even though i had lost hope, but now after medication n guidance of doctors have got a new life.

Ram Parsad | Kolkata

Ram Parsad 30 years. Last year i suffered with rashes and fever of high degree....after, one week later i noticed swollen lymph nodes and no drop down in fever. For which i took treatment from an allopathic doc and had no relief, and was noticing drastic weight loss..after getting dejected from everywhere i saw nd care on net and approached them, and am under medication rite now and have got a very gud improvement.

Emmanuel | Nigeria

hello!!I am Emmanuel from nigeria, 35 years I am and got detected as hiv positive and was suffering with burning sensation of tongue along with a white coating and reduction in weight and right now taking treatment from ND CARE about which i got i know from one of my friend and have really found relief after starting the medicine Thanks.

Zoya Ahmad | Pakistan

Zoya Ahmad 28 years. One fine day i saw rashes on my body, but i didn't bother much, but again the next day was feeling dizzy and had high temp. For which was admitted to near by hospital. There i was under lots of medications but still didn't have any relief and was not getting diagnosed at all later the doctor suggested me to get tested for hiv and reports gave positive result was feeling very depressed after listening all this, but one of my neighbour suggested abt nd care and without any delay i approached to the ayurvedic line of treatment and by the grace of god, support of my family and ofcourse with the help of doctors. I found relief and morally also was supported by the doctors over there whom i really want to thank.

News Events

The seminar was organized by the panel of doctors of ND CARE NIROGAM PVT. LTD. In concern HIV treatment at Chandigarh. HIV which stands for Human Immuno Virus is a dreadful virus which directly affects immune system.

Generally people don’t accept even after suffering from HIV because this is the disease which is not easily acceptable is society

The only mindset of society about HIV is that it happens due to unsafe sex but literally there are numerous reasons like using needles of affected persons, during pregnancy and breast feeding. Somewhere, awareness is lacking in the society. People think that HIV transfers from one person to another if we eat together, for shake hand with HIV affected person.

The seminar was focused to create awareness among the people that instead of running away from HIV affected person, efforts should be done to have complete knowledge of this disease and then to help HIV patient coming out of it through Ayurveda with the Rasayana and Rajikars effects of the ayurvedic medicine along with the active herbal ingredients of the medicine, there Is a great possibility of virus getting killed

Symptoms of early HIV infection

Many people with HIV have no symptoms for several years. Others may develop symptoms similar to flu, usually two to six weeks after catching the virus. The symptoms can last up to four weeks. People who do have symptoms may mistake them for the flu or cold. Common early symptoms include: Fever, chills, Sore throat, Headache, Muscle aches and joint pain, Skin rash.

After the early symptoms go away, an infected person may not have symptoms again for many years. After a certain point, symptoms reappear and then remain. These symptoms usually include:Swollen lymph nodes, Extreme tiredness, Weight loss, Fever, Night sweats.

Asymptomatic HIV infection

In many cases, after the initial symptoms disappear, there will not be any further symptoms for many years until it progesses to AIDS. During this time, the virus carries on developing and damages the immune system. This process can take up to 10 years. The infected person will experience no symptoms, feel well and appear healthy.
A doctor may suspect HIV if symptoms last and no other cause can be found.


If you have been exposed to HIV, your immune system will make antibodies to try to destroy the virus. Urine/Saliva samples are used to check HIV and if it these shows , a person is infected with HIV, blood test should be done to confirm the results.

Most Labs. Uses two blood tests, called the ELISA and the Western blot. If the ELISA is positive (meaning that HIV antibodies are found), a Western blot or other test will be done to cofirm the test.

Why is it so difficult to cure HIV and AIDS?

Curing AIDS is generally taken to mean clearing the body of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Latest researches prove that in the case of HIV, virus inserts itself into the DNA of CD4 T lymphocytes (which ae involved in triggering immune responses) and does one of two thing. Either it becomes active by forcing host cell to make copies of itself and take over other cells (eventually killing host cell); or it lies dormant. In this condition, instead of producing new copies of the virus, it lies dormant for many years or even decades and the only sign of its presence being a tiny fragment of foreign DNA in the cell’s genome. With the passing years, these dormant pools pose a persistent threat to the afflicted person with a gradually weakening immune system. Unfortunately, anti-HIV drugs only target the active infection - when the virus is taking over cell machinery and making copies of itself - the dormant virus lies untouched and continues lurking in the dormant pool, ready to wake up at any time. Anti-HIV therapy interrupts the hijacking but does not touch intact virus that remains dormant Studies have found that if treatment is removed then HIV can re- establish itself by leaking out of these “viral reservoirs”.

In Allopathy, ART (Anti-Retroviral therapy) is given to suppress the virus. The drugs do not kill or cure the virus. However, when taken in combination they can prevent the growth of the virus. But ART Treatment can have set of complications, each drug has its own side effects; common side effects are collection of fat on the back and abodomen, Diarrhea, general sick feeling (malaise), headache, nausea, weakness. When used for long time, these drugs increase the risk of heart attack, perhaps by increasing the level of cholesterol and glucose (sugar) in the blood

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